I wrote this little story to share our visit it with everyone and help some people which have never been in New York but they are planning to do it one day. This city really never sleeps as we found out during the 6th OCT and 16 OCT 2015. It was my dream which came true in the right moment. We landed to JFK Aiport in New York after direct app. 9 hour flight from Prague. We had a accomodation in SLEEP INN HOTEL in Long Island near to QUEENS. Our view from the hotel room was perfect, We gave the receptionist some Czech sweets as gift and they put us on their highest floor and We saw every day Manhattan. We saw mainly: Queensborrow bridge, Empire State Building and 423 park avenue building (2nd highest building in NYC).

We started our first day with quite early get up (4am) which was caused because of the jet flag (6 hours difference to Prague time zone). After that we decided to buy New York City Pass. It is quite good thing because you have there 6 attractions and you can use it in 9 days. As we stayed in New York 10 days we had plenty of time to use them and have some nice pause and time to check everything. We bought 7 days metro card for 30$ per person for unlimited ride and we went to RC. Rockeffeler center (RC).There was maken our first view on the Manhattan. We openned the map and we were looking how to go to RC. In NYC the orientation is quite easy. All streets and avenues are in lines. Like a squares. So if you miss one street, you just turn on the other one. We found RC and very nice ice skating place. The place is really magic and there is even very small garden and there is each christmas well know christmas tree. RC and top of the rock. This was the first attraction we saw. We picked up there the New York City Pass and then go immediately on the observatory desk. We can say that from "Top of the rock" there is the best view on the New York City. You can see many buildings and pretty good piece of the NYC. This view is also 360* and there is a lot of place to breath (I mean not crowdy). You can see: Chrysler Building, Central Park, Empire State Building (probably the best view) and little statue of Liberty and many other buldings. The RC it is few metres from the Times Square. We went there and the show started. You can see there a lot of people, a lot of advertisement, a lot of nice shops and places (Disney, Broadway theathers...). The best you can do on Times Square is to go to red stairs and sit and watch. As long as you like. Under the red stairs you can see very long queue and the Broadway theatre shows. There are many discounts (for example 50%) there so that´s why it is good to use it if you like to go on some show. You are there like in the middle of the world and you can feel the energy from this city there. It is also nice to take some pictures there and go back there again and again. Next stop was Bryant park. This park is close from Times Square and you can find there a nice relax place in the busy city. There are very nice ping pong tables there and what is the best is that there are chairs and tables on which you can sit and read something in read zone. This was very inspiring and a lot of people did it. There is also little park for kids. We finished our day with late lunch. We came to Macy´s which is very nice and probably one of the biggest tradditional USA shop and we bought there a sandwich and water. After that we came in front of this shop and we sat down and public chairs and ate. After we checked the Madison Square Garden Arena (home of the NEW YORK RANGERS) and also saw the very nice post office next to this arena. We liked also very much big cars and trucks here. They are little bigger than in Europe. In the evening and end of the day We normally played card game "Jokers".

The second day we chose to check World trade center. We went there by subway which was very easy and We saw the memorial of TWINS. There are 2 big holes and they look like 2 pools where little water constantly coming up to another smaller hole. Memorial is very nice and feeling is interesting. You can see there the memorial of all people which did not survive the 9/11 2001. For me it was special moment becuase i always wanted to see the twins but when i was 15 I realized i will never see them. Instead of them there is One world trade center (1WTC) or some people call it "FREEDOM TOWER".  This building is very nice and i think such a building belongs to New York. It is the highest building in the city and makes NY panorama nicer. After that we came into 9/11 museum. Get ready for a security check. It was very nice to see the history of twins, 9/11 and about bulding the 1WTC or FREEDOM TOWER. You can see there very nicely everything about the history, even very digitaly. Also about all people who connected their lifes with World Trade Center. You can read about each person connecting 9/11 tragedy. We can totally recommend this museum. It is good to have 3-4 hours to check everything. After that we used nice NYC SUBWAY to get into "Little Italy". Very nice italian part of the New York. The part is quite small but it is very beautiful. You can see there a lot of italian shops and restaurants. We picked one italian restaurant and try there their food. We picked kale caesar salad, Spaghetti pomodoro and Pizza Margherita. The food was stunning! After having great italian food we could not miss the italian ice-cream "Gelato home made". I had a straciatella and it was for sure the best ice-cream i have ever had with very tasty chocolate pieces. We finished our 2nd day by sitting in the Washington park and taking the rest. It is quite good thing if you are lucky with the weather in the NYC. After you went some kilometres for example 10-20km every day, it is always very pleasant to take a rest in park. Many people are spending their time like this. They brought the food, friends, dogs and they have nice relax, chat and eat time.

Third day is coming up and the it was a day of the Central Park. Nice and beautiful park in the middle of the Manhattan you cannot miss. In the right down corner we visited Hotel Plaza. If you are the fan of the movie "Home Alone 2 - lost in New York" you will enjoy it. If you also enter Central Park from this corner you will see very nice bridge and river. Many photograps and people go here to relax. It is magic. If you go along the ride side of the park in up direction you will not miss local ZOO and Alice Wonderland statue. You will see a lot of people which are doing many sports in Central park (biking, running, football, baseball, dancing... and it looks very good). We also saw few weddings. We went to Metropolitan museum of art (MET) which is located in the Central Park (almost in the middle on the right side). We visited this museum, it was nice and for us "europeans" personally very special. This museum has many nice things and if you like history and modern art you will love it. We were quite quick here so we also came to Grand Central terminal station. This train station is very old and NY classic. You cannot miss very nice clocks which are the symbol of this train station. Make sure you do some pictures here. Plenty of movies and TV reportages are recorded here very often. We had our lunch there and continue to Empire state building. This building belongs to one of the most famous building arround the world. The completion was on 1st MAY 1931 and it became the highest building in the world in that time. In New York it became higher than (also very nice) Chrysler building. You can read very much about the history in this building and we have to say we were also very lucky because we did not wait so much to get to the top of the building to see New York. I would say that normally you can wait there 3 or 4 hours during you are going to the top but if you are going out of the season like us it is much quicker. We were up app. in 40 minutes. We saw all the New York from 360* view. On the top it was little crowdy but still ok to see everything. We even take one picture for some lady and she recommended me to became photographer :) . We very much liked the view on Queens (where we stayed in our hotel), Chrysler Building (you can make very nice picture of this building), Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, Lower Manhattan (WTC and Statue of Liberty), Flatiron Building. Just one recommendation: we went there in the afternoon about 2pm and it was sunny. Everything was nice but only lower Manhattan was foggy. So next time we will probably go there in the morning. In the evening we came back to our hotel and it was nice storm and rainy evening so we could see very nicely the Manhattan from our hotel window.

Next day we decided to see Brooklyn bridge. I drunk a lot of water during the breakfast and then i had a little problem to find a toilet close to Brooklyn bridge. Luckily there was Dunkin´ Donuts. So we had a nice snack before the walk and i went there on the toilet. In New York you may have the same issue with WC sometimes so i recommend to go the McDonalds&Dunkin Donuts&Starbucks or restaurants.... buy something small and go there. We continued with walking on the Brooklyn Bridge. We had also very nice weather. The bridge is brilliant we went from Manhattan side and go to Brooklyn side. You can very easily walk there. There is also line for runners and bikers. You can see a lot of things from the bridge and it is for free. For instance: Chrysler building, Manhattan Bridge, WTC (close), Statue of liberty (nice view). And if you like you better try a little run like we did. On bridges in New York you can see a lot of cars and traditional traffic jam like in other very big cities. In New York we saw that traffic jam can start in some places daily even at 5am. We went in Brooklyn district. It is nice part of New York but we straightly enter the subway and our next direction was WALL STREET. We went there and it is definitely place to see. You can see there Trump building, statue of George Washington, New York Stock Exchange building, some displays with moving shares values (up/down) of many companies (Nike, Adidas....). After that we went to TJ MAXX. We can recommend this shop with clothes as well as another shops like MARSHALLS, CENTURY 21, MACY´S and MANHATTAN MALL. You can find there very nice stuff to wear and we think they offer good deal there. We bought there most of the stuff from New York and also some presents. Another nice shopping places in New York are in SOHO. You can see there a lots of shops and boutiques of the most famous and very good international signs (LEVIS, HM, NIKE, DKNY...). We were suprise that you can buy LEVIS jeans for 30$. We leave the SOHO and we were looking for something to eat. We were going one by one street and after 1 hour we found that a lot of people are going with the food and bag with take away food with "by CHLOE" sign. We were looking where is this restaurant. We founded it and it was the best food choice we could found. We were waiting in the queue for app. 30 minutes but it was worth to do it. We had a classic burger, season lemonade and fresh kale caesar salad. We took it into Washighton park where we had some lunches during our trip. It is a nice way how to have lunch when the weather is good.

Another day was sunday and we determined that it will be the day off on our holiday. Just relaxing day. We had a breakfast and went to central park. We bought the food in advance to just lie down and have a lunch when we would like to have lunch. We took a little walk throught the Central Park via Belvedere castle, fountains, big lake with small boats with people and mini automatic ships (which was very nice to see) and then lie down and relax. We watched a people, we had lunch, we supported some childrens to have jerseys, we slept, we recharged and felt the NY atmosphere. After this relax we went through the Central park to our hotel. We noticed that in NY when you have dog you should have it very nice clean and well cut. For us it seemed like a little cuty living jewel. It was funny.

Next day We went to Liberty Island and Ellis island. Thanks to New York city pass we did not wait so much to get the ticket but after that when i saw the queue i was like "ok, we never wait more than 1 hour on each attraction here in New York but this time it seems we will wait like 3 hours i expected". I was so suprised but it was different. We were in 45 minutes on Statue of Liberty. I have to say some nice words about american sense of organization and speed. There were very big boats coming every 20 minutes and a lot of people enter into each boat so it was quite quick. Travelling on ship to Liberty island is pleasant journey, you can see Lower Manhattan with WTC and closer you are to Statue of Libery you are feeling better and better. There is audio guide on the ship so you can hear a lot of about the history. Statue of liberty was french gift from Eiffel. We were just on the Island but you can book or better you should have book in advance if you would like to enter the statue for better view and memory. However even without it you can also make nice pictures and there is a lot of people you can ask and they make you picture of you too. In NY you are becoming proffessional photographer because it is quite usual that somebody is asking you to make a picture although selfie sticks & photos became more and more popular. Next stop was Ellis island. Island where many refugees came during the 18th &19th and 20th century to follow their dream to come to USA via NY. During the 21st century more and more are coming by planes. We very much enjoyed it and we finished our day with lunch in "by CHLOE" restaurant (yes,again) and we wanted to see Flatiron building so we came a closer. The building is nice and old. As we travelled by subway again to reached it we realized that there is almost no people in the subway between 11am and 2pm. You can see almost empty platforms and metro cars. You will remember for sure some metro sounds like "stand clear of the closing doors please". In metro you can also found smart signs how people should behave (for instante: no pole dance, if you see something say something, courtessy counts....). The orientation in subway was easy. However you should have a look all times on signs and check uptown/down town and then you will be allright. One more thing to check are express and local trains. It will make your life easier. Once We entered by mistake to express train and We travelled from 57th street do 125th street. Waw, it was something, We get off in Harlem and then by local train We travelled back downtown to 81th stret which was our wanted choice. So when it makes you feel you understand you can make a mistake.

The last and longest day we spent almost all in Central Park and in American museum of natural history. We loved this museum. It is briliant museum with a lot of interesting stuff. Animals, rocks, old books, worldwide gold and the most interesting thing is probably the skeleton of dinosauruses. You can see there the skeleton of Tyranosaurus Rex, turtles and other animals. Very very big ones. Thanks to New York City pass we got unexpected gift and it was 3D movie of Underworld (Seaworld). It was 40 minutes movie and beautiful to see. We getted off the museum, bought the presents, coffee, brownies and tea in Starbucks and we went again to the Central Park. In West Dr. street in Central Park we took very nice walk and sit down on bench and relax. There is one very nice bench with the best view on lake and bow bridge there and it it is almost in the end of West Dr. street in the corner with Terrace dr. street. Bow bridge is beautiful and you can see him also in many american movies. This bridge is close to Bethesda terrace and fountain which belongs to one of the most romantic places in New York. From time to time you can see especially on this place some wedding. Probably every day there will be at least one. Strongly recommended place to see is also Wollman rink where you can take well known ice skating in Central Park during the winter time but there are also very nice rocks where you can take a lot of nice pictures and if you are good photographer you can send them in some photo magazines. To say "good bye you beautiful city" it should be in style and that´s why we again visited Rockefeller center at night. Night New York belongs probably to the top of the attractions arround the world. It is amazing and again strongly recommended. The last stop was Times Square. We took a walk to red stairs and spend there app. 2 hours and took some last pictures.

The next day in the morning we had a breakfast and went to JFK Airport by subway and train in Jamaica. If you allocate more time you can very easily reach it and long queue does not stress you. That is what we did and it is really relax way how to end such a trip. We found the restaurant SMACK SHACK inside the airport and we had the second best burger with fries in New York. The last view on New York and lower Manhattan we saw from our gate and also from the plane and after 1 hour sitting in plane we took off the airport towards Prague.

Dream came true but there is another dream. Go there again :) . We wish everybody the same.Do you have any questions? Would you like to use something from my sites? Better quality pictures? Feel free to contact me for more informations on my facebook page.

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